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Sunday Bible Study: 2 Timothy 1:1-14

The first gathering of our Sunday morning Bible study was held on October 6, 2019. The assembled group studied a passage from the beginning of Paul's Second Letter to Timothy, focusing on the theme of "keeping faith in discouraging times." We started our study by learning a bit about the history of the mission and ministry of Paul and Timothy. Timothy was a young man who worked closely with Paul in his ministry of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Timothy's grandmother and mother were both Christians, and Timothy had been raised in both the study of Jewish Scripture and practice, as well as the Christian way. The setting of the letter Paul writes to Timothy is: Paul is likely in jail in Rome (late in Paul's life); and Timothy continues the mission work of spreading the Gospel. The letter is Paul's encouragement to Timothy in his work and the difficulties of his life, in general.

We followed the study guide (attached below). A summary follows:

- We separated into three groups to read the Scripture and discover "encouraging" words:

Some examples from the group: promise of life; grace, mercy and peace; filled with joy; sincere faith; grace given to us; I have put my trust; and the good treasure entrusted to you.

- We discussed the "unfulfilled promises of the Gospel" and the life we live today, as well as how we see many "moments of good, inspired by the Gospel" in everyday life.

- We discussed how the Gospel message has been vulnerable or disregarded at various times throughout human history, and ways in which the promise of the Gospel always shines through, sometimes brightly, sometimes dimly, but always is present.

Our Bible study guide is provided below:

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