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Sunday Bible Study: Luke 17:11-19

Our group gathered for a Bible study of Luke 17:11-19, the story of the cleansing of the ten lepers and the reaction of gratitude from one of these ten lepers.

Our group started with sharing experiences of unexpected kindness and our reactions: the gift of a special "heart-shaped" rock for a project, a fully prepared dinner at the end of a long day, a special meeting with a long-time friend, and our time for Bible study together! These "gifts" reminded us of how we are surrounded by positive and dearly beloved times.

We read the Scripture together: Luke 17:11-19. We discussed the response of the ten lepers, giving some thought to the historical differences between Jewish people of Samaria and Judea. We discussed the idea of "grace," and how God's loving actions in our lives restores each of us to wholeness, redeems us when we feel "lost," and fills us with purpose and hope; and that our response, when we are filled with gratitude, is thanks and praise to God. We also read through Eucharistic Prayer A (from page 361 of the Book of Common Prayer) and discussed the central role of Thanksgiving in our worship.

The study guide questions and discussion prompts helped us to thoughtfully and prayerfully explore the idea that our lives can be such that we live to respond to God's grace with prayers and actions that show our Gratitude!

The study guide is provided below:

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