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About Parish Membership


While regular attendance and participation in the life of the parish makes one an active communicant, an individual is not enrolled in the parish until one takes action to be so enrolled. There are two general categories of membership, and several ways in which one may act to be enrolled in each category:


BAPTIZED PERSON—One may become a Baptized Person by 1) being baptized at St. Francis, or 2) requesting that one’s baptism be recorded at St. Francis.  (It doesn’t matter what church you were baptized in...what matters is that you were baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit).


COMMUNICANT MEMBER—One may become a Communicant Member by 1) being confirmed or received by a Bishop at St. Francis, or 2) transferring your Communicant Member status from your previous Episcopal parish via a Letter of Transfer to St. Francis.  [Note:  If you’ve been confirmed in the Catholic Church, you can be received into the Episcopal Church by the Bishop.] 


To be a VOTING MEMBER one must be enrolled as a Communicant Member AND be in GOOD STANDING, which means that you actively attend services, participate in the life of the parish, and regularly give to support the parish budget.  To be elected to the Vestry, one must be a Communicant Member in Good Standing.


If you are interested in baptism or confirmation, please contact the Rector, the Rev. Patrick Perkins. 


If you and your family would like to become members of St. Francis Episcopal Church, please fill out the NEW MEMBERS INFORMATION SHEET which is available by clicking here and return it to the Parish Administrator. 


Please feel free to call the church office (508-829-3344) if you have any questions about church membership. 

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