Our church school program uses the “Workshop Rotation Model” to teach children about the love of God through kid-friendly workshops incorporating art, drama, music, games, puppetry, storytelling, cooking and mission/outreach projects. Our lessons are lectionary-based, using Bible stories from the Revised Common Lectionary read during worship services each week. 


The program is available on Sunday mornings for children who are in preschool (age 3 by September 1st) through grade 5. Classes begin at 9:45. At 10:45, children return to the service to participate in the Eucharist. 

Update Fall 2020: 

Church School will begin with virtual lessons in Fall 2020.  Weekly stories, lessons, and activities will be sent through email to review whenever is convenient for your family.  There will also be some fun virtual meet-ups along the way! Be sure to register your child and sign up for Church School emails for the latest information about when we can all gather together again!  Registrations must be completed for ALL children enrolled in church school, even those returning from last year.  Be sure to complete one for each child in your family.  Thank you!

Register your child here:

Any questions, email Amy Mellors at​

March 7, 2021: Good Samaritan

Lesson: Good Samaritan 

Videos: "Are You My Neighbor?"

               The Good Samaritan

Story: Good Sam

Children's Worship Bulletin: Ages 3-6 / Ages 7-12

Coloring Page 

March 28, 2021: Palm Sunday

Lesson/Activities: Palm Sunday 

Videos: The Triumphal Entry

              The Last Supper

              Jesus' Sacrifice

              The Story of Easter

Stories: Easter Picture Story

             “The Day Jesus Died”

April 11, 2021: "I AM...The True Vine"

Lesson/Activities: "I AM...The True Vine"

Videos: I AM the true vine

              I AM the vine

Fall 2020:

This fall, our lessons revolved around Moses and the story of his life.  There is so much to learn about God's love for us through Moses's story.  Hopefully, these lessons can help teach about how God protects us, loves us, and how we should always trust in Him.  


"MOSES Book" Print out your own "Moses" name book and fill in the answers as you learn about Moses each week! Available here.

Week 1: Moses in the Bulrushes  

- Lesson: Moses in the Bulrushes

- Video: Deliver Us 

- Stories:"Moses in the Bulrushes"

               "Miriam and her Brother Moses"

Week 2: Burning Bush

- Lesson: Burning Bush

- Videos: God Speaks to Moses

                 Slavery in Egypt

- Story: "Burning Bush"

Week 3: Ten Plagues

- Lesson: Ten Plagues

- Videos: Nile of Blood 

                Ten Plagues 

                Death of the First Born

                When You Believe

- Story: "The Ten Plagues"

Week 5: Manna

- Lesson: Water, Manna and Quail

- Video: God Provides Food and Water

- Story: "Manna, Quail and Water"

Week 6: Ten Commandments Pt 1

- Lesson: Ten Commandments Pt 1

- Video: Moses in the Wilderness

- Stories: "Moses Receives the Ten                        Commandments"

                 "God's Rules"

Week 7: Ten Commandments Pt 2

- Lesson: Ten Commandments Pt 2

- Video: The Golden Calf

- Story: "The Golden Calf"

Week 8: Moses Review and                Joshua

- Lessons: Moses Review


- Videos: Moses

                Joshua Leads


-Story: "The Story of Moses"

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