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Mission and core values

We are an Episcopal Church located in the Diocese of Western Massachusetts.

We are a worshiping community seeking to live the Baptismal Covenant, which calls us to grow “into the full stature of Christ.” Like our patron, St. Francis of Assisi, our goal is to respond to the needs of the world with compassion and love.

Ultimately, of course, our congregation cannot be described by words on a web page. We are a diverse community on a journey together, a people trying to respond to the love of God made known in Jesus. The best way to learn more about who we are is to come and join us for worship and to join us on that journey.


Wherever you may find yourself on that road, you are welcome at St. Francis.

Mission Statement

We seek to be instruments of God’s peace, bearing witness to the love of God in Jesus Christ for all people.

Vision statement

Living into the Baptismal Covenant, we are striving to grow into the full stature of Christ.  We are committed to common prayer, life-long Christian formation, mission to the world, and grateful stewardship as we live out Jesus’ command to love God and our neighbor.

Core values


Faith is a life long journey

Faith is a life-long journey; it is not certainty, but trust in God. We celebrate the fact that at any given time we are at different places in that journey.


Scripture, tradition and reason

As an Episcopal Church, we rejoice in the richness and diversity of the Anglican Communion.  Our faith is rooted in Scripture, tradition, and reason.


Church School and Youth ministry program

We take Christian formation seriously for every generation, and especially by laying a strong foundation in church school and through our vital youth ministry program.


Committed to mission and outreach

Francis of Assisi is said to have challenged his friends to “preach the gospel at all times; when necessary to use words.” We are committed to mission and outreach as a visible witness to the world of our love for God, particularly in hands-on ways that strengthen relationships and transform lives.


Gracious and loving god

We believe that our earth and all of life is a gift from a gracious and loving God: in response to God’s many blessings we seek to become, with God’s help, more faithful stewards of our time, talents, and treasure.

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