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Updated: 09/21/2023

Are you “In the loop?”: The St. Francis parish office sends out a variety of regular communications including the weekly bulletin and announcements, the monthly “Little Portion” newsletter, and occasional pastoral letters and announcements.  If you have not been receiving this information and you would like to be included in the distribution list, there are two ways you can be added.  You can enter your e-mail address at the bottom of any page on our website where it says “SIGN UP,” or  or email to be added to the list.


If you are new to St. Francis and you would like to become a member, please complete one of the forms available in the “Newcomer” bags. These are hanging in the narthex. Speak with Pat, Jane, or any of the ushers if you need help finding them. And WELCOME to St. Francis!


Youth Group - join us! The next gathering of our Youth Group will be on Sunday, September 24th; 11:30am - 1:00pm. We will meet in the middle, upper classroom of the church. This will be the Youth Group’s second gathering and we would love to have all young adults in grades 6 - 12 join us…it’s not too late! We also plan to participate in the Holden Crop Hunger Walk on October 15th - please add that great event to your calendar. For more information, please contact either Joy Head or Pat Perkins.

Adult Education: This year, we are welcoming back our First Sunday Conversations, to be held on the first Sunday of the month; and our Sunday morning study and conversation about the weekly Scripture lesson is coming back from summer break! Our first gathering of the Scripture Reflection Series will be the Sunday after the picnic, September 24th; and the start of our First Sunday Conversations will be on October 1, 2023. Please join us for both opportunities for learning and formation. If you have questions, or might be interested in presenting for First Sunday Conversations, please contact Pat Perkins.

AIDS PROJECT WORCESTER: Thank you all for your continued generous contributions to the vital ministry of the AIDS PROJECT WORCESTER mission. Dunkin Donuts cards are still being collected through the summer months and can be placed in the DD coffee mug in the narthex/lobby area, on the table to your right as you enter the worship space. Thanks again!







SEPTEMBER FOOD OF THE MONTH: Canned tuna and chicken


HOPE FOR HOUSING CARDS: Anyone who ordered cards can pick them up after services this Sunday, Sept. 24th. The next deadline to Order is Sunday October 1st. Hope for Housing Cards is a non-profit program developed by the Interfaith Coalition to prevent family homelessness with assistance from the Central Mass Housing Authority (CMHA).   The project utilizes the buying power of 30 Worcester Congregations to raise money for the prevention of family homelessness with children being the fastest growing homeless population and the most adversely affected. You purchase a card to be used at any one of 10 different retailers, including Amazon.  You keep the full value of the card.  The vendor pays between 2% and 10% of the value of the card to CMHA. Order forms are available in the Narthex next to the prayer shawls or by clicking here.  Questions: contact Julie Russell at or 508-981-2866.

CHANGE FOR THE MAMPONG BABIES: Your spare change can make a radical difference in the lives of Ghanaian babies who have lost their mothers in childbirth. These children are living their first four or five years of life in the Mampong Babies’ Home. Our diocese has a Companion Diocesan Relationship with the Diocese of Mampong, Ghana. For the past few years, St. Francis has been one of eight parishes in our diocese that participates in the Change the Babies program. Each year we have been able to contribute $1000 to help purchase necessities such as diapers for Ghanian orphan babies. There are jars throughout the Narthex for you to drop off your change. At the start of the program, we handed out jars to those who wanted them to take home. If anyone wants a jar or has questions, please see Deacon Jane or any member of Mission Ministries.

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