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Ted Talks #2, 3

Mission Ministries’ April and May Ted Talks continued to explore the theme of how we can find happiness in our very busy lives. A Pizza Party preceded the final talk. Thirty people attended and participated enthusiastically in each event.

On April 14th, Bevy Smith talked about finding our authentic self and why “life gets greater later.” Conversation centered on finding meaning and authenticity in life, even in situations where things don’t seem right. Linda Shelton led a wonderful discussion on the importance of love, humor and self-compassion.

In the final talk on May 3rd, Catherine Price identified fun as the secret to a healthier and more meaningful life. We learned that in order for “fun” to be meaningful, it needs three components: playfulness (a lighthearted attitude), connection (the feeling of having special shared experiences with special people), and flow (being engaged and focused).

John Bell did a great job leading a discussion while also challenging some of Price’s assumptions. Many people identified with the topic and shared their personal life experiences.

A recurring theme in all three Ted Talks was the importance of our connections to other people. These connections form the basis for living a happy, healthy, and meaningful life in which we embrace our authentic selves. We hope to see you all next year!

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