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Adult Education Opportunities

Worship, Education, Service, and Fellowship are all important aspects of a healthy church. A sermon in the context of a worship service may help us to learn something new about the Scriptures and apply those new learnings to our lives, but Adult Education opportunities offer something more: the chance to participate and engage in our own Spiritual Development by sharing our thoughts and asking our questions.

This fall marked the return to our weekly Scripture Reflection gatherings and our monthly First Sunday Conversations. These are both drop-in programs that take place on Sunday mornings beginning at 9:00 AM. No preparation is needed and all are welcome!

The Scripture Reflection Series uses the “Feasting on the Word” curriculum to facilitate a conversation on one of the Scripture passages from the weekly worship service. The handouts used each week can be found on the website in the Community Journal section of “News & Events.”

First Sunday Conversations focus on a variety of topics throughout the year, and they offer an opportunity to learn more about our community and the programs available here.

These programs are open to all. No sign-up or preparation is required. Just come and take advantage of these opportunities to grow with others!

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