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Luke 4:1-13 - Sunday Scripture Reflection

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

On this First Sunday of Lent, we begin our lenten journey with the story of the temptations of Jesus. The Gospel according to Luke details the devil tempting Jesus with promises of earthly power and prestige, all for the price of abandoning his mission and ministry given to Him from God. The devil's temptations seem to be supported by Scripture, but Jesus is keenly aware that the devil is merely trying to disrupt His close and abiding relationship with God. For the followers of Jesus, Lent is a time for us to become similarly aware of the things that disrupt our relationship with God, so we might set those things aside and be open to God's voice.

Our Scripture passage is found in the Gospel according to Luke. You may find the Scripture lesson by selecting the following link: (Luke 4:1-13).

For continuing study, reflect on these questions (found in the study guide below):

  • Read the assigned Scripture for this week and reflect on the following immediately after your reading: the Scripture says Jesus "was led by the Spirit into the wilderness" - what purpose do you think was waiting for Jesus in the desert? What do you imagine filled Jesus' prayers with God, the Father, as he spent his days in the wilderness? What do you think the Devil was up to as he tempted Jesus (other than evil...)?

  • Read the "WHAT..." paragraph in the guide below, and reflect on what you understand the difference between a "temptation" and "test" to be, and is there any difference in how we face those two challenges?

  • Read the "WHERE..." paragraph below and consider the author's statement, "To say yes to the world would have required Jesus to say no to God, to the way of God." How are these two ways (the world's way and God's way) different, and how would Jesus' ministry been different if he didn't stay faithful to God's ways?

  • Read the "SO WHAT..." paragraph below and reflect on the following: What spiritual tools do you have to remain intentional and receptive to God's voice throughout your life, especially when times are challenging...or when times seem really good, and you don't feel like you need anyone's help?

  • Read the "NOW WHAT..." paragraph below, and consider the author's statement: "The devil presents wants as needs, falsehoods and truths, distrust as faith." What are your thoughts about how "evil" and "deception" operate in our lives, and how might we rely on God to stand firm against the tempter's deceptions?

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