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Morning Prayer in the Outside Air

The current COVID-19 guidelines have prevented our community of St. Francis Church from gathering inside to worship as a community. However, we have taken advantage of our spacious parking lot and have been enjoying Saturday mornings with a gathering of Morning Prayer. The community came together to thoughtfully plan the outside worship service, ensuring all MA state and Western MA Episcopal Diocesan guidelines were adhered to during our gatherings. As displayed in the photo above, social distancing, masks, sanitizing stations, and personal service bulletins are just a few of the precautions, including each member bringing their own folding chair.

The gatherings started as a way to gather in prayer prior to our bi-weekly donation days for our Mission Partners. For more news on our Donation Days, please see our "CALENDAR AND EVENTS" page of our website: link is "HERE".

Thanks to our many volunteers who set up each Saturday, and sanitize and clean up at the end of our gatherings. We intend on continuing to gather in our parking lot each Saturday until the weather turns colder. Please join us at 9:00 a.m. each Saturday!

News about inside worship services will be posted in a separate article when updates become available.

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