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Spring Ted Talk #1

The Secret to a Happy Life: Lessons from Research

On Friday, March 3, twenty-six parishioners learned the secret to a happy life by attending the first talk in Mission Ministries’ Spring Ted Talk Series, “Seeking Joy, Laughter and the Good Life”. The talk was presented by psychiatrist, Robert Waldinger. The findings are based on an 80-year Harvard study of adult development; one of the longest running studies of adult life ever conducted.

Over 80 years the findings have led to the same conclusion: If you do the one thing that these findings reveal, you will reduce your stress and more easily cope with your physical ailments. You will experience less depression and anxiety and be able to lead a happy life.

A lively discussion was led by Esteban Loustaunau, who urged attendees to take simple steps toward reaching the ultimate goal. Further discussion revealed how the secret can strengthen our faith life.

What is the secret? Join us for the April 14th and May 5th Ted Talks and you just may find out!

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