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Sunday Scripture Reflection: 1 John 3:1-7

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

On this Third Sunday of Easter, we will reflect on the words of encouragement from the author of the First Letter of John, specifically talking about our relationship with God and God's love for us. We also explore the imagery of the language of parent-child and recognize why this may be a helpful metaphor for some, while for others, the imagery may bring difficult memories. Attempting to go beyond language, we will reflect on God's love for all creation!

Our Scripture passage is found in the First Letter of John. You may find the Scripture lesson by selecting the following link: (1 John 3:1-7).

For continuing study, reflect on these questions (found in the study guide below):

  • Read the Scripture lesson for the week, and reflect on the first three verses: 1 John 3:1-3; paying particular attention to the intimate language of "parent/child." Although this metaphor can be challenging for some, give some thought to the author's intention that our relationship with God is a close and personal one, not a distant and unfamiliar does this help you with your relationship with God?

  • After reading the "WHAT..." paragraph in the guide below, reflect and respond to the idea of a "genuine, fruitful, Spirit-guided life" and what do you think that type of life involves on a day-to-day basis?

  • After reading the "WHERE..." paragraph below, why do you think the author of this paragraph might say that we "are odd" because we are Christians? In what ways do Christian values set us against the values of a society that prizes individualism?

  • After reading the "SO WHAT..." paragraph below, reflect on the question: what is unique about being in relationship that does not define itself by difference? How do you define the idea of "being in right relationship?"

  • After reading the "NOW WHAT..." paragraph below, why do you think the author said, "we not only need to have a clear understanding of God's grace...we also need to know the power and destructive nature of sin?" How does understanding both God's grace and the destructive nature of sin help us in our daily lives...and be better Christians?

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