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Sunday Scripture Reflection: Genesis 28:10-19

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

On this Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, we reflect on Jacob's experience of seeing God's power and God's intimate presence through a dream of a ladder to heaven. People can have experiences that evoke strong and perhaps strange emotions, that can later yield insights through reflection of God's presence. We will explore how God might be present to us in ways we find unimaginable or unusual, until we reflect on how the sacred presence of God might have been with us all along!

Our Scripture passage is found in the Book of Genesis, from the story of Jacob. Our passage may be found by following the provided link: (Genesis 28:10-19)

For continuing study, reflect on these questions (found in the study guide below):

  • If you read the biography of Jacob, as presented in Genesis, his life was filled with many moments of being a person who seemed to be worried mostly about himself: reflect on the type of person you would expect to be the bearer of God's promises in the world; and how is Jacob a surprising choice, and how is he a good choice?

  • From the study guide, read the "WHAT is important..." and "WHERE is God..." paragraphs, and then reflect on these questions: in what way is God's promise to Jacob about God's presence in the moment, and in what ways is God's promise about the future?; and how did Jacob eventually grow into being the person that God might have seen Jacob could become, at his best?

  • Jacob realized God was very near, but only after he awoke from his dream: how do we find God present in our lives, and especially in reflection after the event is over?

  • From the study guide, read the "NOW WHAT..." paragraph and reflect on the idea of what it means to locate (or, assign) meaning to events in our lives and to later evoke memories of these events to deepen the meaning of our relationship with God.

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