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Sunday Scripture Reflection: Mark 4:26-34

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

On this Sunday we will again hear from the Gospel according to Mark. We hear two parables from Jesus, as he speaks to the first century people of an agrarian society and draws comparisons of seeds and the mysteries of growth to the mysteries of God's will and reign. The parables offer us an opportunity to explore God's invitation to be part of the mysteries of life and to reflect on how we understand our part in God's creation.

Our Scripture passage is found in the Gospel according to Mark. You may find the Scripture lesson by selecting the following link: (Mark 4:26-34).

For continuing study, reflect on these questions (found in the study guide below):

  • Read the assigned Scripture for the week (Mark 4:26-34) and reflect on the lesson: are there any words or phrases that stood out for you? What mysteries or surprises might be found in the short parables Jesus tells the crowd, considering Jesus says these parables are descriptions for the "Kingdom of God."

  • After reading the "WHAT..." paragraph in the guide below, think about your life and how you imagine how the final redemption of humanity will be take place...specifically, is redemption based on "God's will alone" or is "human effort an important difference" to the result or something in-between?

  • Read the "WHERE..." paragraph below, and give some thought to the author's idea that, "spiritual growth and intimacy with God arises as naturally as seeds growing." Do you think spiritual growth and intimacy with God grow naturally; and will these things grow by themselves, without our attention or intention?

  • After reading the "SO WHAT..." paragraph below, consider the following question: does the fact that God's realm is both revealed and veiled to us comfort or disturb you more?

  • After reading the "NOW WHAT..." paragraph below, consider the idea that Jesus often told parables to get people's imagination involved in order to effectively teach about what God was doing in the world and what God wished for his children to do. How can we use our imaginations in the modern world to communicate our understanding of what God is doing in our local contexts?

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