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Children's Advent Celebration 2022

Church school held its annual Advent Celebration on Dec 18. The celebration is a great chance for both groups of church school students to spend some time together, discuss a lesson about Christmas and Advent, and have some fun! This year, we made the luminaria to line the walkway to our evening Christmas service. We talked about light and the importance and significance of light during Christmas time. The kids did a wonderful job, and we completed approximately 20 luminaries to light the way! We then talked about the Nativity Story and signified some of the events of the story with different types of candy. The children each took him a small bag of treats and a reminder for what each sweet represents.

We hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas season and we look forward to our New Year together!!This spring, church school will be learning about some parables and the story

of Joseph!Stay tuned!

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