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Children's Palm Sunday Program

On Palm Sunday, after processing with their parents, 15 children heard the story of Holy Week by participating in a modified Tenebrae service. Seven candles were lit around the “Christ” candle. Seven scripture readings chronicling Jesus’ final week were read. After each reading a candle was snuffed out. The children discussed the meaning of words such as “betrayal, desertion, and mockery.”

When the last candle was extinguished, we followed prints of the stations of the cross up to a classroom where we encountered an angel in “the tomb.” We entered the tomb and talked about forgiveness, being buried and raised to new life with Christ in baptism, and choosing to follow Jesus and join in God’s Eternal Life.

After leaving the tomb, Julie Russell led the children in a “sweet” lesson using the Jelly Bean prayer. We hope this was a wonderful learning experience for all!

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