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Ephesians 5:15-20 - Sunday Scripture Reflection

On this Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost we will be reading from the Letter to the Ephesians, and again our discussion will explore the early Christian community's desire to stand apart from the moral guidelines (or, lack of guidelines) of the world. Those who followed Christ were expected to strive for things that Christ desired for all people of the world, especially those who were in great need due to poverty or sickness. Our discussion will explore how we might learn some modern day lessons based on the moral advice of the early Christians.

Our Scripture passage is found in the Letter of Paul to the Ephesians. You may find the Scripture lesson by selecting the following link: (Ephesians 5:15-20).

For continuing study, reflect on these questions (found in the study guide below):

  • Read the assigned Scripture and consider the moral advice given to its readers. Imagine the original listeners (people living under Roman rule, with the social pressures of Roman Empire and the idea that moral laxness was OK). How might we have similar experiences in our present world?

  • After reading the “WHAT…” paragraph in the guide below, reflect on the following: In what ways were the days “evil” and time spent “foolishly?” Consider why people might have felt that a “foolish” life was either “socially acceptable” or “politically necessary.”

  • Read the “WHERE…” paragraph below, and reflect on the following question: “Why do you think the author of Ephesians emphasizes praising God and being filled with the Spirit in the midst of evil times?”

  • After reading the “SO WHAT…” paragraph below, consider your own life and reflect on how you might make the most of your time throughout your daily life.

  • After reading the “NOW WHAT…” paragraph below, consider the present times in the life of the church and in your own life, and fill in the blanks: “My spiritual vocation is _______.”; and “the church’s vocation is _________.” You may have many answers for each…what seems most important to you?

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