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Sunday Scripture Reflection: Genesis 45:1-15

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

On this Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost, we reflect on the story of Joseph's emotional reunion with his brothers. Joseph experienced many joys and sorrows, good times and bad times, in the days since his brothers treated him so badly - abandoning him into a pit and allowing him to be sold into Egypt. His reunion with his brothers presents many emotions for Joseph, and his brothers, and presents an opportunity for forgiveness.

Our Scripture passage is found in the Book of Genesis, from the story of Jacob. Our passage may be found by following the provided link: (Genesis 45:1-15).

For continuing study, reflect on these questions (found in the study guide below):

  • After reading the Scripture lesson, reflect on the idea that discovering where God is in the midst of conflict may open up possibilities for forgiveness and reconciliation - are there experiences in your life that may resonate with this idea?

  • Read the “WHAT…” paragraph in the study guide below and reflect on what other responses Joseph might have made to his brothers, particularly in the circumstance where Joseph seemed to finally have control over his brothers.

  • After reading the “WHERE is God…” paragraph below, reflect on the final sentence in that paragraph: “The feeling of the realm of God…”

  • Read the “SO WHAT…” paragraph and reflect on the meaning of the work of forgiveness, especially as it is expressed in the first sentence of the paragraph.

  • Reflect on how you have experienced God’s presence in times of trouble.

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